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One: I have ordered it after hearing the ad on a radio and made a compulsive call(slap on a head), while ordering a trial, the sales rep was pushing a ton of other “goodness”, including a “premium fast” handling and shipping. Of course as I tried to get the details, she was talking over my head with her sales mambo jumbo, and I actually repeatedly told her to stop with no noticeable effect. So anyway I decided to proceed to the end to try to make sure I haven’t got all the extras.
Two: After the call, with an already a bad feeling, I went online to figure this one out, and stumbled across the complaints board. Immediately I tried to cancel, the product rep(a higher echelon of sales people — all claim they use the product themselves, yeah right) told me my order wasn’t in the system yet. Ok, and so I waited, a week later I got an order confirmation call, I tried to cancel as well, no luck, apparently the order confirmation people can not cancel orders, aha. Called another product rep, no way the order can be canceled, since it’s already confirmed, and en route.

Expect to be Laying on a futon at ground height. A few questions. Then I use my fingers, palms (predominantly), knees, forearms, knees and feet to either release or build energy in areas of your body/ self. I incorporate acupressure points, stretches, rotations, So Tai and various relaxation tequnics.
Shiatsu is based on Tradition Chinese Medicine Meridian theory and originated in Japan. Fundamentally mind, body, spirit and emotion are all connected. Shiatsu treats the whole person aiming to harmonize and restore balance.

You will experience Japanese traditional martial art ‘Kendo’.
Kendo is the most popular martial arts in Japan and has long history(Over 300 years ).
Kendo is like modern Samurai.
Samurai no longer exist, but you will be able to see their spirits in Kendo.
I would like to share my great experience which I had through Kendo.
I am sure you have unforgetable experience if you join.
Kendo Etiquette : The most improtant things to do martial arts
Basic movement : Basic foot work and swing the bamboo sword
Kendo Game
Q & A