newspaper reports year 6

newspaper reports year 6

Newspaper reports year 6
Written as a revision unit for my year 6 class. Based on the short film ‘The mystery of mister hollow;’ (available on the literacy shed website)
Plan is for one week, all resources are included.

Newspaper reports year 6
We looked at how newspaper stories differ to other types of writing. Each class member was asked to include the important facts involved in the story. These were presented in the correct sequence.
This led to the children writing their own newspaper reports documenting the Great Fire. The class members were asked to use some exciting adjectives to add some suspense to their news reporting. A Word Wall containing some possible words was available.


Pupil behaviour was tagged as “exemplary” at the “friendly, open, and welcoming” school where children want to do well, appreciate their teachers and enjoy coming to school.
Ludham Primary School and Nursery retained its “good” status and was showered with praise by the body that sets standards in the classroom.

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We have been learning about the features of newspaper and magazines reports. We decided to use our knowledge to write our own reports. We had to think of a suitable and current topic for our New Row readers so we chose the recent Feile achievement of St. Malachy’s u14 hurling and camogie teams as it involves a number of our Year 7 pupils. We chose a variety of open and closed questions for our interviews with the Year 7 children, wrote the articles and edited and redrafted them. We enhanced our ICT skills by word processing our reports using Microsoft Word and editing font and layout accordingly.
Here are a selection of our reports. We hope you enjoy reading them! #UpTheDawson

Newspaper reports year 6
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Newspaper reports year 6
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