how to write at masters level

how to write at masters level

If academic writing is a distant memory for you, or perhaps something you’ve never done, the prospect of starting to research and write an academic essay can be intimidating. If you’re a new graduate student, please view Gradschoolitis (6:50 video), and for the transcript, please see the Gradschoolitis notes. Before you start working on a specific assignment, please view the resources linked below to receive an introduction to academic research and writing at RRU:
Now that you’re ready to begin the process of writing a specific assignment, this guide will take you step-by-step through the process of researching and writing an assignment with resources, tips, and suggestions from both the Library and the Writing Centre. You can work through each step by using the “next” navigation on each page, or you can use the list below to jump into a particular topic. To begin, click on the first link below.

Differences between Masters degree essays an undergraduate ones
Students are often confused about the ways in which a masters degree essay is different to the ones written at undergraduate level. The main difference is in the general tone of the Masters level essays. By the time a student has embarked on a master’s degree programme, he or she is expected to be an authority on his or her chosen subject. This means that the writing must convey authority and confidence. The switch in register is difficult for some students to achieve immediately. At the end of the final semester of the bachelor’s degree, the student has to suddenly become an authority on a subject, reflecting the amount of study and learning that has taken place during the undergraduate years.

How to write at masters level
If you are unsure what this means in effect, have a look at our example conclusions.

  • Suggest some further research
  • Give a concluding statement
  • Pose a further question