academic writing groups uk

academic writing groups uk

Currently no proposed new groups.
What are the WriteWords Writers’ Groups ?

  • Our Online Writers’ Groups are open to Full & Community Members, although part members may have one week’s free trial.
  • Each group sets their own rules but usually consists of members who write in similar styles or have related interests.
  • Group work is commented on by other members who provide helpful and constructive feedback.
  • Group members upload short examples of their work for other members and experts to make comments and suggestions.
  • Group work is not visible outside the group unless the author specifies that it may be.
  • Most groups have a volunteer ‘host’ who will welcome you into the group and generally encourage group activities.
  • The overall aim of the groups is to provide support, advice, stimulation and encouragment to members.

Academic writing groups uk
Research Writing Groups are an excellent way of developing the skills and confidence needed to get through a PhD. The groups meet fortnightly to set and review goals, to discuss writing produced both during and between meetings, and to share experiences and strategies. Whilst each group evolves its own style of working, groups typically follow a review–write–feedback cycle (see illustration below).
Meeting as a group helps to break the sense of isolation that sometimes accompanies independent research, and provides a low-stake opportunity to explore ideas. Facilitated by group leaders based within the Study Skills Centre, our groups are multi-disciplinary. As such, they enable productive cross-fertilisation of ideas, and reinforce the need to write and to think clearly and cogently.

Academic writing groups uk
At Writing Retreats .

  • Home is a wonderful Scottish Country Hotel or B&B in the Trossachs, only an hour north of Glasgow

Academic writing groups uk
It’s a good way to round off a productive week, and an equally good way to salvage something from an unproductive one! You are welcome to work on your thesis or an academic paper, but writers only, please: this is not a space for doing your actual research.
A Social Sciences Divisional online meetup

During lockdown these groups may be running online instead, so get in touch if you’re not sure. We have a list of online writing workshops here (this will open in a new window) .
If you’d like to add your group to this page, please email [email protected] (this will open in a new window) . We need to know when and where your group meets, what you do and how to contact you (either a website or email address). There is a 50 word limit for listings.