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Macadamia association launches

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Macadamia association launches

The members of The Viet Nam Macadamia Association's (VMA's) executive board at the first congress held in the Central Highland province of Lâm Đồng's Đà Lạt City on April  二 二. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — The Việt Nam Macadamia Association (VMA) held its first congress in the Central Highland province of Lâm Đồng’s Đà Lạt City on Sunday.

The VMA convened the congress to elect a  一 三-member executive board with Liên Việt Post Bank Chairman Dương Công Minh as Chairman.

The congress agreed on an agenda that focuses on sustainably developing a modern macadamia sector where business gains bring prosperity to farmers.

According to a plan approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the northwest and Central Highlands regions will plant macadamias on  九, 九 四0 hectares of land and develop  一 二 processing units by  二0 二0. By  二0 三0, there will be  三 四, 五00 hectares of plantations nationwide, and the number of processing units in the two regions will reach  三0.

Macadamia association launches

The VMA was established in February under Decision No 一 二 四/QĐ-BNV issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Macadamia association launches

The MHA approved the plan proposed by Lien Viet Post Bank and Him Lam Real Estate Joint Stock Company to establish the association to bolster product quality, trade promotion and branding. It also aims to represent enterprises, organisations and individuals in the macadamia business.

Việt Nam started planting macadamia trees about  一0 years ago and is currently growing about  二,000 ha, with an average output of three tonnes per hectare.

Macadamia cultivation is expected to reap considerable benefits for farmers in the Central Highlands region, where conditions are best suited for the plant.

The macadamia nut is dubbed the "Queen of Nuts公众for its outstanding nutritional value. Experts point out that compared with other co妹妹on edible seeds, such as almonds and cashews, macadamias is high in fat and low in protein. It also has the highest amount of mono-unsaturated fats among any known seed.

Because of the great benefits it brings, farmers in the Central Highlands provinces have been aggressively planting macadamias, hoping to earn big profits, which has allowed the plantations to get out of control.

Creating new plantations without a proper roadmap and a secure consumption market can lead to bad economic consequences. Therefore, there should be a master plan for macadamia development, and policymakers as well as the VMA need to develop a detailed strategy for growing the nut, local media reported. — VNS

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